PELICAN RESEARCH is Southern California’s premium private investigative solution for State and Federal criminal defense and/or civil litigation. Anyone of the clients I've worked for will attest to my strong work ethic and the quality of my work. I’m not afraid to speak truth to power. The most important lesson I've learned is that those accused of crimes, regardless of guilt or innocence, are entitled to a thorough and vigorous defense when faced with the full power of the prosecution.

Let’s face it, the prosecution holds a legion of investigative resources, No State would remove resources from the hands of prosecutors. Why should a defendant be denied resources? The State presents a case of complete guilt and will vigorously hold this view unless dislodged from its position. That is why you should consider an investigative counter measure. PELICAN RESEARCH will shed light on the “real terms” of an alleged incident and provide a stream of unbiased information to the defense attorney.

PELICAN RESEARCH offers comprehensive investigative services. Since 2013, I have logged over 25,000 hours, 92% of the business was conducted within Los Angeles, Orange, and Riverside counties. When you combine the past seven (7) years 54% of business involves serious felonies (Murder 15%, Assault w/ Deadly Weapon 9%, Rape 3%, Arson 2%, Kidnapping 2%, Robbery 8%, Drug possession 12%, Burglary 3%) The other 46% consists of misdemeanors.

PELICAN RESEARCH adheres to the core principle that exceptional service is the driving force of success. The business is committed to providing a professional and ethical service that is accountable for all work product produced. I'll never lie to you and I'll work tirelessly toward obtaining factual and relevant information needed for you to make the right legal decisions, minimizing your client's exposure to financial, physical, or emotional damages. PELICAN RESEARCH will reduce costs while ensuring private and indigent defendants receive a fair and unbiased defense. Outsourcing investigative needs to a licensed and insured investigator with a network of resources will save money and generate actionable intelligence for counsel to make the right legal decisions for his or her client.

PELICAN RESEARCH works alongside the most prominent defense attorneys in Southern California. Our personalized approach to meet each case's individual needs has earned PELICAN RESEARCH a distinguished reputation within the legal community and, most importantly, the trust of the clients we work so hard for. Remember it is always darkest before dawn, and we are here to help. 

                                                                                                                                        THE PELICAN ALWAYS FIND HIS FISH!

         Matt J. DeSales (PI#28191)
         Owner / Qualified Manager

In 2006, there was a brutal triple homicide in the remote area of Pinyon Pines, Palm Springs, CA. CRISTIN SMITH, decorated Army Ranger, was charged with the murders. PELICAN RESEARCH conducted the guilt investigation. The Pinyon Pines homicides have become known as the most notorious mysteries in the history of the Coachella Valley.
OC DA filed a criminal complaint alleging SCHUYLER LIFSHULTZ conducted felony vandalism. alleging significant damage to property. PELICAN RESEARCH conducted the guilt investigation. The case was ultimately dismissed and judge issued factual finding of innocence. 
STOCKTON was arrested for allegedly sending a prominent actress dozens of ominous emails, violating his probation and restraining orders. PELICAN RESEARCH conducted the guilt investigation.  
JOHN FELIX was charged with double homicide of two Palm Springs Police Officers, including attempted murder of several other officers. The defense believed the defendant had mental competence issues. PELICAN RESEARCH conducted the mitigation investigation.
ANTON KUBICA, of British Columbia (B.C.), was charged with 1st ° murder in the 1990 slaying of an elderly female to steal almost $200K from an offshore account. RIVCODA filed charges against KUBICA in 2014 and he was extradited to Riverside County from B.C. in 2018. PELICAN RESEARCH conducted the guilt investigation
FRED WEATHERTON was charged with 2 counts of murder, special circumstance allegations, in Nov. 1, 1998. He was also charged with attempted murder of a third person, as well as robbery. PELICAN RESEARCH was the defense investigator responsible for the guilt investigation.