• Defense investigation of criminal and civil litigation matters within California.
  • Appointed Investigator (Mitigation and Guilt Investigation) for indigent death sentenced defendants.
  • Knowledge of principles, methods, and techniques of investigation, criminal procedure, chain of custody, laws of arrest, evidence code, search and seizure law.
  • Conducts investigations to support the legal defense of a variety of civil and criminal cases, including locating and interviewing clients, suspects, witnesses, victims, law enforcement, relatives, and others to obtain statements, documents, and related factual evidence; analyzes statements and presents findings and evaluations to counsel.
  • In depth knowledge of government and private databases used to locate witnesses.
  • Conduct comprehensive background and social history investigations.
  • Preparation of accurate investigative reports and articulating potential legal and factual issues assisting attorneys with trial. 
  • Serve criminal and civil process and file motions and legal documents with court. 
  • Depositions and interrogatory preparation. 
  • Provide effective testimony in court concerning evidence gathered in pre-trial investigations. 
  • Coordinate with doctors, psychologists, and other experts regarding the examination of evidence and clients in custody. 
  • Prepare sociological and psychological profiles and other mitigating evidence for clients facing death penalty sentences. 
  • Evaluate witness credibility and coordinate appearances for trial.
  • Visits and recreates scenes of crimes to evaluate physical and environmental factors to the case investigations; takes photographs of crime scenes; prepares detailed reports, correspondence, diagrams, charts, and CAD drawings for presentation of evidence in court.
PELICAN RESEARCH understands locating key witnesses and obtaining accurate and through statements mean the difference between winning and losing your case. Whether the interview is with a Chief Operating Officer of a major Corporation, or an inmate on death row, PELICAN DELIVERS!
PELICAN RESEARCH offers premium process service (court summons, complaints, subpoenas, restraining orders, small claims) within Southern California. Business and Professions Code Section 22350(b) (4), permits private investigators to perform the duties of a process server. There is a distinct advantage when using a licensed and insured private investigator to serve process. PELICAN RESEARCH has the resources, experience, network, and training to locate and serve violent subjects that evade service. 
PELICAN RESEARCH assists attorneys with data-mining and searching of financial records and real property status of individuals and businesses. There are several reasons for asset searches. Often our client has a civil suit that resulted in a judgement rendered in their favor, or they are in the middle of a difficult divorce where one spouse is hiding assets from another, or they are considering a business partnership and/or business purchase. Whatever the case, PELICAN RESEARCH will tailor the asset search to your needs and budget.
Certain industries such as banking, financial, security, transportation, childcare, healthcare, teaching, legal, and law enforcement require background checks. PELICAN RESEARCH conducts investigations into domestic businesses, potential witnesses, victims (etc.). Every smart business completes "due diligence" before making strategic decisions. If that much care goes into making financial decisions, more emphasis must be focused on learning more about the key witnesses, victims, nanny, elderly provider, or life partner. Build the ark before the flood! Defense counsel should always determine whether a testimonial witness or victim has a character of honesty or veracity, or the opposite. Additionally, counsel should determine if those subjects have a bias, interest, or other motives for testimony. When you need to know call the PELICAN.

PELICAN RESEARCH understands where and how to efficiently locate and retrieve certified records. Due to the high volume and public demand placed on many government entities, obtaining copies of relevant legal documents can be arduous and time-consuming. PELICAN RESEARCH will quickly retrieve your legal documents, eliminating hassles typically involved in dealing with unknown vendors or the government. Whether you need just one item, have ongoing retrieval needs, or find yourself lost in a multi-jurisdictional project. PELICAN RESEARCH will offer the most cost-effective solution. 
Surveillance is an important part of any investigation. Whether it is fraud, workers comp., employment, or infidelity the investigation must be conducted legally and undetected. PELICAN RESEARCH will locate, surveil, and document (photo and video) the behavior and activities of the subject.
Social media is a key component of any investigation. PELICAN RESEARCH is an expert at social media mining and will document and preserve the social media evidence.
Has the defendant skipped bail and dropped off the grid? Looking for a relative or loved one? How about an old high school friend or flame? PELICAN RESEARCH assists with such searches.