When your looking for an honest, hard working, and accountable investigator call PELICAN RESEARCH. References are available. Obviously, client confidentiality will exclude them from providing privileged details about their criminal or civil case, but each attorney should be able to explain why they continue to choose PELICAN RESEARCH. 

Maa Amk - A few years ago we walked into Pelican Research looking for help. we felt hopeless and the light at the end of our tunnel seemed to be quickly diminishing. This is where Matt DeSales came into the picture, he was welcoming, reassuring and gave us hope that everything would be okay. His professional demeanor reflects his years of experience and made us feel confident is his abilities. We knew we were is good hands. When we first started working w/Matt we thought the process was going to be lengthy and complicated, however, Matt made sure that no stone was unturned and within a few weeks, with his expertise, the ball was in our court. Matt went above and beyond the imaginable; he was encouraging and supportive. When we would thank him for everything that he was doing he would say "that it was his duty to ensure that justice was served and his job wouldn't be done until I walked free; so have a little bit of faith and everything will work out just fine." Those words still ring in my ears. He got everything done quickly and efficiently and in the end justice was, in fact, served. We are filled with gratitude for what Pelican Research did for us; the impact that they've had in our lives is immeasurable and we wouldn't trust anyone else. Pelican Rocks!

Stephan DeSales, DeSales Law Corporation Matt is organized, efficient, motivated and willing to go the extra mile. As a result, he became the primary in house investigator for our criminal defense practice. As such he has interviewed witnesses, recorded and transcribed their statements, photographed and diagrammed crime scenes, conducted surveillance, and prepared files for use in court. He is both effective and diplomatic in the performance of these duties. His reports are concise and tightly written. His questioning of witnesses is incisive. His instincts have proven invaluable in assessing the weaknesses and strengths of cases. He's handled investigations in murder, child molestation, burglary, grand theft, petty theft, receiving stolen property, sales of narcotics, possession for sales of drugs and marijuana, conspiracy, vehicular manslaughter, felony DUI, assault and battery, resisting arrest, spousal abuse, and hit and run cases. Our firm has used several private outside investigation firms over the past forty three years. But I can honestly say that having Matt work in house full time, was not only more cost effective, but the results exceeded the results of the outside firms.  
Pat Martin Our experience with Matt from Pelican Research was very professional, knowledgeable and caring. He was prompt with every correspondence and was fully updated on information related to our needs. I would recommend their services to anyone who needs help in life's difficult situations.
David Borsari, Attorney At Law - It is with great confidence that I present to you this letter of recommendation supporting Matthew DeSales' application for inclusion on the Orange County Public Defender's approved list of licensed investigators. I am a full-time criminal defense attorney and have been operating in Orange County as a solo practitioner for the past twelve years. Prior to that I have spent five years as an attorney with the Public Defender's office in Miami, Florida. During my career I have utilized the services of approximately ten different investigators and can say without hesitation that Mr. DeSales is among the very best. I first became aware of Mr. DeSales early in 2013 when he took the time to introduce himself to me and described the types of services provided by him and the agency he founded, Pelican Research LLC. Among the many services available in addition to general criminal defense investigation were background checks, process service, surveillance, and witness interviews. I made a decision to then call upon Mr. DeSales when my next investigation need arose. On October 2013, I found myself involved in a high-stakes jury trial and in need of immediate unforeseen investigative services. I called upon Mr. DeSales. Mr. DeSales could sense the urgency of my situation and although he was not geographically near my office at the time, made arrangements to redirect himself to my office so that he could converse with me in person. After reviewing my court documents and listening to my request Mr. DeSales came up with a creative and confident strategy for achieving success on my case. He quickly went to work by carrying out the job both personally and with the calculated use of additional subordinates when advisable. As Mr. DeSales began reporting his results to me I relayed selected information to my opposing counsel from the LA County DA's office. These results caused the prosecutor to deploy her own team of investigators and local law enforcement officers in response to Mr. DeSales' findings. In the end, the investigation was critical in diverting the prosecutor's attention from trial advocacy and assuring the prosecution's witnesses did not exaggerate or recklessly speculate in their testimony. Mr. DeSales excellent work helped steer my case to a hung jury which was followed swiftly by a prosecution dismissal rather than a retrial. Throughout my experience with Mr. DeSales I repeatedly received prompt responses to my requests and frequent feedback regarding status and progress. As a former public defender I know that these are qualities hard-working public defenders rely on when utilizing their investigators. To be certain, Mr. DeSales as the most organized investigator I have ever known. My interactions with Mr. DeSales cause me to believe that the credibility surrounding his professional nature and poised demeanor make him an asset on the witness stand in court."

Jane Doe - Carlsbad, CA - In 2010, our son, 18 years old at the time, was falsly charged with five felonies. Although he was innocent, he found himself in a hostile legal system that seemed determined to lock him up and throw away the key. If this can happen to an outstanding, straight-arrow, scholar-athlete, believe me it can happen to anyone. Sadly, in this country, one is often presumed to be guilty, until he can prove his innocence. In order to prove our son's innocence, an incredible amount of investigation needed to be performed, and this is where the exceptional skills of PELICAN RESEARCH came into play. Matt DeSales worked tirelessly on our son's case gathering the critical information that was needed to build his defense. As an investigator, Matt DeSales is both patient and tenacious. He leaves "no stone unturned." He has a sharp mind, an eye for detail and is incredibly thorough and organized. He has a knack for research, knowledge of the law and he always delivers the needed results. Matt Desales will dig through the details and pound the pavement, doing the tedious footwork that strong defenses are built on. Long story short, the efforts of this private investigator resulted in the total dismissal of all five felony charges.

Jacqueline Goodman, Criminal Defense Lawyer - Matt DeSales is simply the best investigator I've worked with in my 19 years of busy criminal defense trial practice. He is quick, savvy, creative, and fearless, as well as keenly intelligent and thorough. I whole-heartedly recommend him. He's the investigator a defense lawyer usually only dreams of.

Joe Dane, Attorney At Law - I had the opportunity to use Matt DeSales' services for a recent criminal case.  Matt immediately began to work, uncovering witnesses and information not gathered by police in their investigation. Through an incredibly thorough investigation, Matt produced information sufficient to put me in a position to convince the prosecutor that my client was NOT responsible for the charges against him.  Matt's hard work saved my client potential prison sentence and "strike" conviction. I can't recommend Matt and Pelican Research enough.
Christopher M. Strobel, Attorney At Law - It gives me great pleasure to write this letter on behalf of Matt DeSales. When Matt told me he was applying for an investigator's job at the Orange County Public Defender's Office my reaction was bitter sweet. On one hand I was extremely happy for him in that I knew what a valuable asset he would be to the public defender's office but on the other hand I was loosing the best investigator I have used since starting my criminal law practice 13 years ago. I was trained as a public defender and worked in the Orange County Public Defender's office for nearly ten years. While working in the office I worked with a number of top quality investigators and can tell you without a doubt that Matt's investigative skill, compassion and intelligence is as good and in many ways better than the best investigators. In the numerous investigation he has done for me, Matt has shown great initiative, intuition and quality of work product. More importantly, Matt has the humility to ask questions, communicate with the lawyers he works with and follows directions. Overall Matt's addition to your office would reap benefits not only to the lawyers he works with, but more importantly to the clients they represent. Should you have any questions feel free to contact me. 

Chelsey (Single Mom) - During the course of a nasty & toxic dissolution my attorney referred me to Pelican Research. He wanted me to outsource an investigator to document the drug/drinking habits of my ex-husband. Honestly, I was weary about involving a private investigator. Matt was very ethical, professional, and empathetic to my needs to secure my child's best interest and safety. Pelican Research was able to capture & document reliable evidence of my ex-husband drinking substantial amounts of alcohol on the nights he had custody. The evidence helped provide the leverage I needed to get what matter most to me, my child.

Don E. Landes Jr., Attorney At Law - Quick, thorough, decisive service with quality reporting and written and oral confirmation. Get's the job done and goes the extra mile to ask the additional right question or the difficult to find witness.
Stephen P. Bartol, Attorney At Law - Matt DeSales always delivers prompt through service to any request I have sent him, with outstanding documentation of his activities. My clients have always been well served by his dogged determination to get the job done, no matter the complexity of the task at hand. His work has directly led to dismissals of several of my cases or a resolution favorable to my clients. I highly recommend his services. You will not be disappointed in the results. 
Nate King - We have utilized Pelican research for a multitude of issues, given complex civil litigation, Fraud research, criminal matters and good old-fashioned gumshoe detective work. The work product of pelican is meticulous, exceptionally well documented and on point. Our firm has retained several other P.I agents over the years but none quite like DeSales.
Cleo Olson - This was the first time I ever had to use a service like Pelican and I was very pleased with my results. I worked with Matt Desales who was always on time when we had to meet in court, was very responsive when I needed to reach him by phone and was always pleasant and courteous. Plus, he gets the job done!
Artemis Sefton - Matt is great at what he does and very professional. He went above and beyond for our court case and even dealt with a very difficult client on our behalf. Definitely recommend him!
John Martin5 stars for Pelican! Extremely professional staff assisted us during an especially hard time and yielded excellent results. We couldn't be more happy with service we received and the one on one communication during the entire process. Thanks Pelican!
Addison Kerry Adams - I've used Matt in my law practice several times and he's been fantastic. Thorough, smart, experienced and fair priced. I recommend him for investigative work and service of process.